Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lumie Clear update

The Storm before the Calm?

General Usage

So, I have been using Lumie Clear every night since Friday. The recommended time to use the lamp is 15mins when held directly against the skin thus the treatment plan takes 45mins; I hold it against both my cheeks and my forehead!

Using Lumie Clear can be tiresome as I find the goggles slightly uncomfortable and it is time consuming - especially if you wanted to add any other difficult areas. For those of you who might be concerned about skin sensitivity I am delighted to report that using the lamp hasn't caused any irritation or redness!

Results so far

As you can see from the photos I took on Friday (look here), I have many 'under the skins'. Since using Lumie Clear some of these have turned into larger whiteheads/blind spots. Now, although I am disappointed my skin has not 'improved' I do need to think back to when I was prescribed Roaccutane by my dermatologist (which cleared up my skin perfectly whilst I was on the tablets). Before my acne cleared I did have an outbreak (quite large) which I was very upset with, however my dermatologist had warned me that it would happen! I guess 'under the skins' need to go somewhere; they don't, and can't, just disappear into nothing.

It is with that in mind that I am still feeling positive about the treatment. Perhaps the correlation with my outbreak whilst on Roaccutane is an indication that Lumie Clear is causing a reaction from my skin which, fingers crossed, will be positive in the long run.

I will keep you updated on the progress!!
Please leave a comment if there is something in particular you would like to ask/say or if you have used Lumie Clear in the past.

P.S For those interested- I have been using MyFitnessPal for a few days and so far I am really pleased! I have been updating my calorie consumption after breakfast, lunch and dinner and am finding it really helpful to see how many calories I've used and how many I have left! Definitely worth it so far....let's see if it makes a difference on the scales soon!

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