Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lumie Clear Skin Update....

So, for those of you who have been following my posts (1 and 2) about Lumie Clear Red and Blue Light Treatment you will know that my skin flared up in the first few days of using this product. I have now been using Lumie Clear for over a week and I am pleased to report that the 'storm' has subsided and my skin is looking decidedly clearer!!

I read once in a book, from an acne sufferer, that the first thing that she did every morning was feel her skin to see if any new spots had appeared overnight. This is something that I can relate too. When I wake up I always have a little feel of my face (without really putting too much thought into it) to see if any new blemishes await me! For the last few days my skin has felt smoother and less bumpy. I notice, in particular, a difference when I wash my face; the water feels like it 'glides' more easily off my face and it feels more 'shiny' and 'silky'. I know 'shiny' is a funny choice of word as it doesn't generally describe a feeling, more a visual description, but that is exactly how I have always 'felt' when my skin has started to clear before (when I was on roaccutane). Perhaps those of you have had acne before understand what I mean by that comment! It feels tighter, and reminds me of a blemish free, shiny object - or skin!

Anyway, so far I am pleased with the results. I will continue to use the treatment and let you know what happens next.......

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