Sunday, 10 June 2012

Floral Romance

 Florals are a popular trend this summer. From floral scarves, tops, blazers, skirts to perfume, it is a great way to feel summery (even if the sun isn’t shining outside).

Smell is a powerful sense and I'm sure everyone is acutely aware of the impact a familiar or long lost smell can have on emotions. The smell of Est√©e Lauder lipstick always reminds me of my Mum, 'Le Male' Jean Paul Gaultier of my fianc√© and Chanel Platinum of my Dad. Perfumes, and smells, can remind people of holidays, favourite times and even perhaps sad events. This power and influence of smell has always interested me and I adore trying new perfumes.

One of my favourite perfumes at the moment is ‘Flora by Gucci' which includes rose, peony and sandalwood notes. Peonies have to be one of the most beautiful and romantic flowers of all time and I absolutely adore their distinct smell! In keeping with this theme, ‘Gucci Flora’ is a subtle yet elegant perfume which has a ‘clean’ smell - perfect for the summer daytime!

My well used bottle of Gucci Flora sitting in a bed of cotton flowers!

Buy Flora by Gucci here. US link: here.

Scarf (old), similar here 

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