Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sparkle Time

Although I only painted my nails last night, I really fancied painting my nails again! I find it really relaxing and feel pampered at the end. However, I really liked the colour of my nails so I decided to try out a sparkle polish on top!

This particular glitter nail varnish is by Rimmel -500 Disco Ball- and I usually find that shimmery polishes are thin on the sparkle factor (a lot of varnish with little glitter). This one isn't as glittery as I would like it to be after one coat (but maybe no polish will ever live up to my expectations). Then again, after a few coats my nails started to look very pretty and the particles really caught the light! I particularly like the blue particles as they add real depth to the polish. 

Overall, I do really like this nail polish and I would use it again. It is also a great alternative to the more pricey varnishes out there!

P.S Adding the glitter nail varnish seems to have 'toned' down the bright green colour and turned it into a lighter, more mint green colour. I like! 

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