Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Frizz-Ease Delight

I decided to try a styling spray for the first time the other day. My John Frieda shampoo and conditioner were on offer in Tesco - 3 products for £10, so I bought the styling spray as a cheap little extra!

This product is absolutely fantastic. My hair is very prone to 'puffiness' if I just blow dry it, and if I leave my hair in a towel for a bit longer (say 15mins) it is a nightmare to try and create a smooth look with a hairdryer and brush!

Typically, the first night I wanted to try the spray I got distracted and ended up leaving my hair in a towel so it was half dry! I thought I'd give the product a try anyway and......amazing! It left my hair sleek and manageable. The fact that I had left it to dry for so long didn't seem to matter.

I have used it a few times since then and have been pleased with the results. Each time my hair has dried easily, and kept it's style. I would recommend this product to anyone with hair which can be more difficult to style and is prone to 'puff'!

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