Monday, 9 July 2012

Orange Your Life

I have really been impressed with Rimmel nail varnishes lately, but this varnish (Orange your life) was slightly disappointing. I applied the colour outside, so there was plenty of natural light! The colour was fabulous; it was a hot/neon orange! wow.

Unfortunately, when indoors, the colour seemed to lose it's 'luminosity' and it turned into a more 'normal' pretty coloured varnish. Artificial light muted the neon colour and, as I work generally in artificial light, I found myself slightly dissatisfied. That said, when I was outside, I did receive positive comments about the colour!

Overall, I will definitely wear this colour again as it is a gorgeous colour (whatever the light), but it didn't fulfil my desire for a pop of neon colour! I also think I was slightly spoiled because I applied it outside and then expected the neon tone to stay. If, however I had applied it indoors I probably would have been pleasantly surprised by the neon quality when walking outside!

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