Thursday, 27 September 2012

Topiary Tree

I made this table decoration the other day and I am really pleased with the outcome!

You need:
vase/ flower pot
bamboo stick
oasis (sphere)

1) Pour cement into the flower pot and then push the bamboo stick into the wet cement and let it dry.
2) Put the sphere oasis on top of the bamboo stick. Put wire or string around the sphere in a 'check' pattern to stop it from crumbling.
3) Get the ivy and push it into the underneath of the sphere and wrap it around the bamboo stick so that it creates a curtain to hide the bamboo stick. Make sure the Ivy is long enough so that it doesn't end halfway down the bamboo stick.
4) Start to decorate the sphere with flowers.

Voila - you have a really beautiful table decoration!


  1. Amazing! I have to try it on my own.

    I'd like to invite U at my blog:

    I hope you'll become a new follower.

  2. Such a great DIY! It's so pretty! I should definitely make one for my balcony. You have an adorable blog, and great style. I'm now following on Bloglovin.

    xo Jenny