Sunday, 9 September 2012

DIY pearl necklace

I made these pearl and ribbon necklaces the other day! I used to love making bracelets and necklaces when I was younger, and I was browsing in HobbyCraft the other day when I thought I would try it out again......

To make:
1) I tied a knot using three pieces of ribbon.

2) I threaded a pearl onto the outside right ribbon and then plaited the right ribbon over the middle ribbon
3) I then threaded the pearl onto the outside left ribbon and plaited that ribbon over the middle ribbon

4) I then continued this pattern.

I wore the red pearl necklace here and the matching bracelet I made.


  1. that's so awesome- and is actually way more easy then it looks! so pretty :)

  2. Thanks for the comment!! I love your blog and your outfits!! Too cute! Now following!

  3. cool, check out my blog follow if you like it x

  4. So cute, great DIY!! I love when people can do stuff like this. Cute blog!

  5. Soft pinks are my favourite color and the pearl is so simple yet sophisticated and lovely!
    I will definitely try to make different colors pearl necklaces!!

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  7. What a great necklace! It's gorgeous! I like the pearl necklace the best! Thank you for sharing.