Friday, 10 August 2012

OPI Drip Dry

For the first time ever, I used OPI Drip Dry. This was my first experience of a product that speeds up the drying of nail polish. If I am honest, I've always doubted how good they would be.

I used an OPI nail varnish - Dim Sum Plum - and the Drip Dry that I had purchased. I researched on the internet to find out exactly what to do - I couldn't find any instructions on the packet. After applying 2 coats of nail varnish, and a top coat, I dripped 2 drops of the lacquer on to my nails. I couldn't believe the results. The lacquer really did dry my nails super quick as within a minute they were dry enough to touch without leaving funny marks in the polish!

This is a product I will definitely be using again. Although I love painting my nails, some evenings I really can't be bothered to sit for ages not doing anything whilst my nails dry. I can now paint my nails without being extra careful not to catch them on anything afterwards.

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