Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Heated Rollers

I adore heated rollers, and even more since seeing how beautiful bouncy waves look on Kate Middleton. I've always used Carmen set to go travel rollers, which were my Mum's years ago, but they only include 9 rollers which just isn't enough as I have very thick hair. I have been on the hunt for new rollers with at least 12-15 rollers for a wedding that I am going to....and I have recently purchased Babyliss Pro Professional 30 piece set.

Before I review these, I have tried another set of rollers owned by my friend. These were Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers. I was not particularly impressed with these as my hair didn't curl particularly well and the curls fell out within 15-30 mins. The rollers didn't seem to heat up too much, perhaps because they were 'flocked' (covered with a non-slip material).

As a result, I researched many different rollers on the internet and decided to purchase Babyliss Pro Professional 30 piece set. I have just used them and I am happy to report that they have left my hair full of gorgeous curls and heated up nearly to the level of my old Carmen rollers - which from reading many reviews is a result!

I would recommend these rollers for anyone with thick hair like mine, whose hair does have a tendency to drop. They are expensive - £36-£49.99 depending on where you get them- but for me they are much better than the Babyliss Thermo Ceramic Heated Hair Rollers £26.99, as I can actually use them with good results.


  1. Wow amazing curly hair. Might have a look at them.

  2. Thank you! I am really pleased with the results.