Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Lumie Clear Update

So, I have been using Lumie Clear for a nearly two months now. I updated you just under a month ago on my progress and since then there has been an improvement, especially on my forehead!

The 'under the skins' have certainly improved, although they still haven't gone completely. Last time I reported a great improvement in my right cheek and forehead....and this time I can report an improvement in my left cheek - hurrah! My family have noticed a positive improvement in my skin, which is always a bonus!!

I think this is a product which definitely helps my acne, although it is not a complete miracle cure so far. It is definitely a great product to use if, like me, your acne is very prone to flaring up and hasn't been (so far) 'cured' whilst taking anything other than prescription medicine.

My skin has only ever been completely acne free when on the drug Roaccutane, and then after stopping my skin generally gets worse. Lumie Clear, however is the first treatment whereby I have had positive results without taking medicine. Of course, I have used skincare etc which has made it worse before  and stopping using it has calmed it back down, but I haven't actually come across a product that had improved my skin - until now.

In conclusion, Lumie Clear has had positive results so far but it is not a complete cure. I definitely will continue to use this treatment, although it isn't easy to use everyday for 45mins (that's how long I use it to target both cheeks and my forehead) in the longterm. Even if no further improvement are made from using this treatment, I am happy with the fact that I have found something which does help and improve my skin. I will definitely, at least, in the longterm use it to keep my acne at a positive stage and most likely use it more when my skin is in outbreak mode or I have something special coming up such as a birthday.

Hope this review has helped acne suffers out there! I will post again if there are any more changes. I'm guessing this is a longterm treatment not a quick cure all....and afterall, even when I have been on prescription medicine it takes a good month to see much change, and longer for a complete cure.

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