Monday, 13 August 2012

Clean and Clear Morning Burst

I've used Clean and Clear Morning Burst exfoliating wash a few times, and I have been impressed with how silky soft it has left my skin.

I decided to try it when I saw that is was oil-free, as washes that aren't oil-free generally give me spots. Also, as the Lumie Clear hasn't 100percent got rid of all of my under the skins I thought I'd try an exfoliator to see if this would help buff the skin and 'lift' them. It hasn't got rid of the under the skins left over as such - although I have only used it a few times - but it has made my skin softer and appear brighter! Anything that makes my skin glow is alright by me...

I really like this product so far and will continue to use it, unless there are any negative effects - I will update you if there are!

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