Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MUA undressed

There has been a 'buzz' surrounding MUA undressed eyeshadow palette and I bought it around 2 months ago in Superdrug for only £4! I wanted to wait until I had used the product for a while before reviewing it. Since I bought it I have used every shade (as you can probably see by the scuffed packaging) and at different times and occasions i.e. day, evening, on holiday, parties etc.

I have to say that I am really impressed with it! The colours are really easy to wear and usable and as they are soft and creamy. They are easy to apply and blend and the colours have a highly pigmented, luxe, shimmery quality to them.

With regards to the staying power, I find that the colours always last throughout the day. The more nude colours seem to 'fade' faster, but then I personally find that with all eyeshadows. They also lasted really well on a hot  holiday - which is always a test!

I could fault this palette - and for only £4 it is even more of a must have!

From top left hand shade:
shade 1, shade 2, shade 3, shade 4, shade 5, shade 6, shade 7
From bottom left hand shade:
shade 8, shade 9, shade 10, shade 11, shade 12, shade12, shade 13, shade 14

My favourite shade for the brow bone is shade 1. My favourite all over lid shades are shade 2, 4 and a light dusting of shade 7 occasionally. My favourite darker colour is shade 9- I love it. Shade 13 and 14 are great but only for a more smokey sultry look as they are very dark on - shade 14 has a gorgeous blue quality to it which makes it a bit different.  


  1. I like all of the colors in that palette. I especially like the long double end applicator. I buy alot of palettes that come with two small double ended applicators, I like long better. I looked around your space and love your outfit posts. I'm following you now, cant wait to see more :)

    --Lyndsay @

  2. Beautiful colors..! Thanks for sharing :) xo akiko
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